The innovative interface is the new version of Aspen Plus

aspenImproved user interface for the host application of physical and chemical modeling increases productivity and simplifies the work with other products aspenONE® for process simulation
Company Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services for the process industries, today announced a new version of Aspen Plus, which significantly improved user interaction with this popular application for the physico-chemical modeling. The interface and user scenarios are reversed so that the design speed up processes and make available a wide range of styling members. The new version of the product – the latest example of the company’s strategy AspenTech, aimed at the implementation of common interface standards for all products aspenONE®.
The new Aspen Plus offers even more effective interaction with the user thanks to a fully integrated simulation environment, which can be used to gain access to other products aspenONE for engineering processes. This also provides quick access to the most comprehensive database of physical properties of materials, to the most popular in the industry application for the evaluation of capital investments, as well as the most perfect products for calculation and design of heat exchangers.
“The presence in the Aspen Plus experimental data on the physical properties and quick access to this database is huge for us, – says Dr. Axel Polten, vice president of BASF SE. – The program greatly accelerates the process of data collection and identification. Compared with traditional methods of Aspen Plus saves us a lot of time and effort. Thus, thanks to Aspen Plus, we can focus on its core task – product development BASF ».
The new version saves time and money both in the design phase and during the operational phase. In addition, the new interface makes it easier to work on a collective project, providing a rapid exchange of data and models, in a single interactive environment.
Interactive Training System (Aspen Online Training) provides the user access to special training modules directly from the product interface. New effective search tool models and data Aspen Search ™ helps to quickly design and optimize processes.
“Recent improvements in Aspen Plus confirm the status of the software product as a gold standard in the field of process simulation – says Manolis Kotsabasakis, Vice President of AspenTech. – Specialists in the design and production organizations can no longer do its work without professional software. Innovations in the latest version of Aspen Plus greatly simplify the task of optimization of technological processes for both beginners and experienced engineers. ”
The new version of Aspen Plus is now available for order. More information can be found on the website.
About AspenTech
AspenTech – a leading provider of software to optimize production. Customers AspenTech – is the energy, chemical, pharmaceutical companies, engineering and construction companies and other organizations whose activities are related to the issue of chemical products. Using integrated solutions aspenONE, manufacturers can optimize the design, production and supply. AspenTech customers are well positioned for growth of production capacity, producing high profits, reduce costs and ensure efficient use of energy. To learn how leading industrial enterprises used AspenTech solutions to achieve their goals, visit
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