New versions of Aspen PIMS ™ and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler ™

aspenRefineries are able to increase production efficiency through greater coherence between the services of production planning and shipping products. Company Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services for the process industries, today announced new versions of products Aspen PIMS and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, improve the efficiency of joint work of planners production and shipment of products. In the context of deep integration with the other members of the supply chain, refineries are able to increase production efficiency through greater coherence and performance planning services and shipping. In addition, new analytics capabilities provide these services support professionals in decision-making, allowing you to react quickly to changing economic and manufacturing conditions.
Using the new version allows you to improve the quality of the joint work of experts due to the ease of data exchange between tasks on production and shipment planning services and achieve a better alignment of planned and actual results.
Other key improvements in the new version – the new powerful analytical tools such as PowerPivot and Spider Chart based on Microsoft Excel, you can use to visualize the choices of raw materials. Quickly compare simultaneously several possible scenarios and effective exchange of information within the organization facilitates selection of the optimum grade of crude oil.
“For any refinery crude oil – the main item of expenditure, so the ability to quickly and accurately select the right raw materials increases the efficiency of planning processes and increases the profitability of the enterprise, – says Srinivas Rachakonda, vice president of Essar. – Powerful analytics PIMS allow to better assess the quality of the crude oil on the market. Essar company constantly uses the latest technological developments, and we are pleased to improvements in Aspen innovative solution for scheduling. ”
In Aspen PIMS and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler integrated online learning system (Aspen Online Training), which facilitates the development of background information that adapts to each user. This reduces the cost of implementation and maintenance of software.

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