New version 8.5 software package aspenONE

aspenNew unique features of software products Aspen InfoPlus.21®, Aspen PIMS ™ and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler creates an additional opportunity to increase profits for our customers.
Aspentech company recently released a new version 8.5 software package aspenONE.

In recent years, businesses of oil refining and petrochemical industries face increasing challenges. Given the ever-increasing diversification of sources of raw materials, the ability to quickly assess and model the effects of raw material selection of a particular composition is essential in order to achieve benefits such as improving competitiveness and reducing costs. In recent years much has changed the dynamics of the market. Continued expansion and geographic redistribution of the world’s sources of raw material and refining capacity, which increases the responsibility in making decisions about the purchase of raw material and finished petroleum products. Given the increasing competition from year to year, many refineries do not have much time to protect their profitability level and the revision process, including the choice of raw material to make extract the maximum possible profit.

Ron Beck, director of engineering at Aspen Technologies, says: “Companies are constantly refining seek to accelerate and make more effective decisions on the purchase of raw material through the use of new techniques and technologies of rapid analysis of existing options of raw materials for more rapid issuance of instructions to traders. Despite weak demand for finished petroleum products in certain regions of the world, world crude oil prices remain high, adversely affecting the profitability of the refinery. If available for the purchase of feedstock oil is heavier, it poses difficult technological and environmental challenges to the refinery. ”
To address enterprises facing new challenges, a new release of aspenONE includes, in addition to existing features, the following applications:

• New application aspenONE Process Explorer – to optimize process control with the use of advanced technology to visualize and analyze data on the plant;
• New application aspenONE PIMS Platinum – the first time it is possible to plan and schedule comparison of performance at the refinery;
• Another application – Aspen Petroleum Scheduler – allows the integration of production schedules and delivery of finished products.
Both applications – aspenONE Process Explorer and aspenONE PIMS Platinum – are based on aspenONE to the web and mobile architecture based on HTML5, providing a user-friendly interface with touch input, intelligent search and secure access from any web browser, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Powerful visualization and analysis of the data of the refinery
aspenONE Process Explorer converts the data collected by the industry’s leading application for archival storage Aspen InfoPlus.21, in a comprehensive analytical information on which to make decisions. New features in terms of the overall effectiveness of the equipment allows customers to get a more detailed understanding of the production process, quality and availability of equipment.

Combining the planning and implementation schedule
aspenONE PIMS Platinum is the first tool in the industry, providing customers the ability to track and compare detailed plan and timetable for implementation and promptly resolve differences arising. Among aspenONE PIMS Platinum, which is an online version of the process flow diagram, you can test a lot of planning scenarios, which allows to make better decisions that will ensure an increase in profits from production.
The integration of production schedules and deliveries
New application Aspen Petroleum Scheduler adds the ability to combine planning for export terminal to schedule the refinery. Using this feature enables customers to minimize losses for the simple carrier, re-mixing and reduce the grade of products.

Available today, the latest software allows you to easily update the planning and scheduling of the refinery. Aspen HYSYS® Petroleum Refining (leading process simulation system) includes tools for easy data import and export of oil from the parameters and Aspen PIMS (the most widely used system planning refineries) with the help of the new application Aspen Assay Management. Companies can also automate the export of detailed models of chemical reactors in Aspen PIMS (software for linear programming). This support provides improved accuracy software for planning, allowing to optimize the choice of refinery feedstock, providing improved profitability.

Powerful Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining used in the modeling process in Aspen HYSYS to simplify and improve the effectiveness of modeling for the refinery. The incoming oil is recycled component composition, providing a wide range of raw materials characteristics. You can easily configure complex modeling for multiple installations, including the main catalytic cracker, such as the FCCU and associated installation of fractionation. Breakthrough innovations are helping engineers optimize the refinery production and provide support for planning. Aspen Assay Management in Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining allows precise characteristics of the original raw materials, including heavy oil, for better selection of raw materials and process optimization. This new feature allows the use of Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining same control incoming raw material, depending on its quality, which is available in Aspen PIMS.
Thus, the key advantages of the use of software tools for the mining process as follows:

• For fast and efficient selection of the starting oil feedstock by sharing models of planning and design process
• Process optimization due to more accurate model of dispatching
• More effective analysis of performance, based on a carefully configured process models to validate the technological suitability, security and reliability of the potential oil mixtures
• Ability to improve the profitability of the installation thanks to technological analysis (for example, optimization of boundaries separating fractions, catalyst selection, monitoring of the heat exchanger), which improves energy efficiency and limit emissions
• Increase the profitability of the plant due to a re-evaluation of raw materials in the route configurations using multiple installations of various types

Many companies see significant benefits in the implementation of software for the simulation process. The industry have the opportunity to increase profits by optimizing the choice of raw material, the use of reliable and comprehensive data on the type of oil in the range of cross-platform as Aspen HYSYS and Aspen PIMS. Furthermore, they can optimize the process for viscous crudes, due to obtain more precise characteristics of more complicated and viscous oil composition. For example, a division of the Saudi company Aramco raised the actual performance of refineries 3 – 8%, reduced the time spent on planning for the 50 – 70%, reduced inventory by 15 – 35%, as well as the achieved energy efficiency improvements of 3 – 5% due to the integration of Aspen HYSYS and Aspen PIMS at all major land production facilities. The company S-Oil has reduced energy consumption by 100 MW per year, saving more than $ 39 million. , SABIC has also been successfully applied software tools for planning, traditionally used in oil refining at its British plant for the production of bulk chemicals.

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