AspenTech announces the release of version 7.2 aspenONE V7

aspenWith innovative solutions and the implementation of the wishes of people aspenONE V7 Version 7.2 to optimize the production becomes easier and faster. The company Aspen Technology, Inc., a leading provider of software and services for the oil and gas, chemical and other process industries, today announced the release of version 7.2 aspenONE V7. With innovative solutions and the implementation of the wishes of people aspenONE V7 Version 7.2 simplifies and accelerates the optimization of the design, production and supply chain management.
Here are just a few examples:
Design. In the world runs more large-scale projects worth several billion dollars. AspenONE Engineering now offers new features of economic evaluation that allow large enterprises and design companies to reduce the time required to compile accurate project estimates by 75%. In addition, the built-in functions in the economic evaluation of Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus employs nearly 4 times faster.
Manufacturing. The dynamic market conditions today decision aspenONE Advanced Process Control allows enterprises to maintain a high performance, achieved through additional control processes. Taking the time and effort to maintain control systems at peak performance greatly reduced.
• Supply Chain. The standards that define the quality of gasoline and the presence of additives in it, are becoming tougher. For better optimization of oil refineries decision aspenONE Planning & Scheduling allows you to simulate real physical process parameters and constraints. This is an important step on the way to increase profits and improve product quality.
• Infrastructure. New product Aspen Reporting Framework enables intelligent management of oil refineries, ensuring rapid adoption of optimal solutions.
New opportunities have become available thanks to advanced innovative product development within aspenONE V7, which sets standards in the optimization of production processes. More about innovations and improvements in aspenONE version 7.2 can be found at
“Since the first release of aspenONE V7, which took place in September 2008, more than 1,000 customers AspenTech have introduced this product, thus opening the way to improve the profitability and the realization of previously unattainable goals – says Manolis Kotsabasakis (Manolis Kotzabasakis), Senior Vice president of sales and strategy of the company AspenTech. – Version 7.2 has incorporated hundreds of great ideas proposed by our customers. Companies operating in various process industries can better optimize the design, manufacture and supply. Achieve revenue growth has become much easier. ”
About AspenTech
AspenTech – a leading provider of software to optimize production. Customers AspenTech – it is oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical enterprises, institutions proektnye-, process equipment manufacturers and energy companies, as well as any company producing products based on chemical and technological processes. Using integrated solutions aspenONE, manufacturers can optimize the design, production and supply. AspenTech customers are well positioned for growth of production capacity, producing high profits, reduce costs and ensure efficient use of energy. To learn how leading industrial enterprises used AspenTech solutions to achieve their goals, visit
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