The company AspenTech announced new updates to the software package aspenONE

aspenAspenTech company provides enterprises of processing industry the possibility of achieving higher precision control, improved access to data and increase profitability through the use of the latest release optimization software aspenONE®.

World leader in software for the processing industry announces the release control module procedures him.analiza samples (Assay Management) applications for Aspen PIMS ™, new functional modules Aspen DMCplus® and updated search module Aspen Search for users of Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS ®.
Company Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and a variety of services for the processing industry, has announced the release of new updates to the software package aspenONE:
1. A new edition of the innovation system software aspenONE®dlya process control opens entirely new functionality.
These new features enable developers of technological processes to achieve the highest efficiency of production equipment and at the same time to form an automatic control system data required for calibration models of innovative management system (APC). Such a technological breakthrough in the field of production management provides the latest innovations in the development of aspenONE APC, which is the most revolutionary technical solutions in the field of automated process control systems. With the new functionality eliminates the need for an aggressive phase-testing system while preserving all of the economic benefits of using the application Aspen DMCplus®.
The new combination of wizards simplifies the task of configuring the system controllers Aspen DMCplus calibration models APC. This simplification is achieved through the integration of expertise in software system that allows novice users to use in their work the best achievements of existing practice. The new release also provides a significant improvement in the performance of the adaptive modeling module (Aspen Adaptive Modeling) thanks to the automatic allocation of the “problem” of data layers, formed as a result of exceptional situations in the PID loop. Some of these situations include, for example, switching control valve saturation, changing the PID control mode, the upper limit of the controlled variable and measurement error. This approach significantly increases the accuracy of the model used the automatic control system.
All of the above improvements increase the practical value of the updated application Aspen DMCplus, which increases the synergistic effect is achieved through the combined action of a multi-dimensional system of automatic control with forecasting, intelligent selection of data and identity management system model; This in turn makes it easier to maintain the accuracy of the models during the change over time of the control object.
2. AspenTech adds to the planning system Aspen PIMS ™ cracking unit process control of chemical analysis of crude oil.
New features allow system Aspen PIMS departments planning process of chemical refining, to make more accurate plans and make more accurate management decisions on procurement of crude oil, which provides the ultimate increase in profitability. Software Aspen PIMS help the oil industry and petrochemical companies to optimize the choice of raw materials, the organization of the production process and product range. The new release of Aspen PIMS marks a technological breakthrough in the field of process control of chemical analysis, facilitates planners to add, change and revision of procedures for sample analysis. This eliminates the extra manufacturing operations accelerated update the results of sample analysis and reduces the number of possible errors of manual operations that lead to the planners to re-enter data or retransmission data files chemical analysis.
Among the new features Aspen PIMS applies advanced parametric analysis, which allows planners to quickly view many options for the purchase of raw materials on the basis of analyzing a large number of scenarios, which forms the basis for improving the quality of management decisions and increase productivity. The new release also simplifies the use of the information on the chemical analysis and production targets, together with the application Aspen Petroleum Scheduler (formerly known as – Aspen Orion). This enhanced cooperation provides better coordination of plans with the actual progress of manufacturing operations in order to achieve higher margins.
3. The new release aspenONE® first technology allows to visualize in real-time data model routings.
The technology for the first time have the opportunity to compare the simulation results with a history of manufacturing processes and the actual manufacturing data using the model routings. This unique new feature simplifies system users Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS optimization problem and diagnosis of their production assets. Now these systems are able to optimize the procedure of search and analysis of data to help improve the quality of management decisions. Search by characteristics provide relevant typed tags and their attributes. The search provides faster receipt of the necessary information, ordered by relevance and is equipped with all the descriptions of the attributes history.
Technologists and specialists in the organization of production can in a matter of seconds to search for the desired model, tags, documents and data, even if they have not previously been used in the Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS. Search is possible by the performance, components, control actions, the types of operations, the production of aggregates and many other keys. Rich opportunities search function implemented in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS, also help various companies to create partnership modeling environment. In this model are used in the operating mode for easy search of compounds with each other and establish communications with the authors of models. This approach allows continuous use of an important asset to the entire organization, continuous accumulation and preservation of professional experience and knowledge.
According Aldreta Salvador (Salvador Aldrett), research engineer company Shell Global Solutions, “Testing shows that the system is close to the ideal tool for engineers: with its help they can quickly find the right model and compare them with current production data for diagnostic purposes Fault and error. ”
New issues are available for purchase.
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About AspenTech
AspenTech – a leading provider of software to optimize production. Customers AspenTech – it is oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical companies and design institutes. Using integrated solutions aspenONE, manufacturers can use their experience to optimize the design, production and supply. AspenTech customers are well positioned for growth of production capacity, producing high profits, reduce costs and ensure efficient use of energy. To learn how leading industrial enterprises used AspenTech solutions to achieve their goals, visit.

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