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By Shireen Hunter, Shireen T Hunter

This compelling quantity introduces the present new release of average reformist thinkers and activists inside Islam, the highbrow traditions they bring about on, and the explanations why reformist events in a few international locations and areas were overshadowed by means of fundamentalist, innovative, and jihadist activities within the Islamic international this day.

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The following have been the three most important consequences of this coincidence. 1. Modernization efforts by societies challenged by the West have had a defensive character. Muslims and other non-European peoples have tried to acquire the results of modernity, namely science and technology and the economic and military power that derives from them, in order to be able to resist European/Western encroachments on their territory and other interests, without wholeheartedly embracing the philosophical and moral underpinnings of modernity; 2.

59 Some Egyptian militants have also undergone a change of heart after their acts of violence failed to produce political change. They are now espousing reformist discourse. The Rise of Extremism and the Changing International System The rise of extremist Islamist movements, notably the jihadists, and the changing international context following the collapse of the Soviet Union, have also contributed to the emergence of reformist discourse. The activities of the extremists, especially extensive and daring terrorist attacks such as that in the United States on September 11, 2001, in Spain in March 2004, and in London in July 2005, have subjected at least two Muslim countries—Afghanistan and Iraq—to retaliatory and preemptive military attacks led by the United States.

Yet they were deeply influenced by modern ideologies and methodologies and were themselves the product of secular educational systems. Even those who were clerics were familiar with modern sciences and ideas. Ali Shariati, the influential Iranian Islamic thinker, had a secular education and was a product of the Pahlavi modernization project. He benefited from the free state-run university system and went to study in France at government expense. None of these opportunities would have existed without the developmentalist strategy of the Pahlavi years.

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