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By C. White (auth.), C. White (eds.)

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Instability Constants of Complex Compounds

Lately many study staff have grew to become their realization to the quantitative characterization of complicated compounds and reactions of complex-formation in answer. Instability constants signify quantitatively the equili­ bria in suggestions of complicated compounds and are widely utilized by chemists of widely-varying specialities, in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, the know-how of non-ferrous and infrequent metals, and so on.

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Et ai, Angew. , Int. Ed. A. et ai, J. Organornet. M. et ai, J. Organornet. 108 No phys. props. reported. E. et ai, J. Am. Chern. 264 Fluxional molecule. Red-brown needles (pentane), airand heat-stable. Sol. hydrocarbons. Mp 63-5°. Otsuka, S. et aI, J. Chern. Soc. 257 (ion) Diiodide: [51839-63-5]. 066 No phys. props. reported. J. et ai, J. Organornet. 271 (ion) 35 Co-00174 - Co-00179 C1S"27CoN40 Co-00177 Tris(2-isocyano-2-methylpropane)nitrosylcobalt, lOCI Tri- tert -butylisonitrilenitrosylcobalt [73382-46-4] HexafJuorophosphate: [71280-86-9].

Acad. E. et ai, J. Am. Chem. 221 Orange cryst. (Et20). 30 (H20). ir Peo 1559 cm- J (CH 2CI 2). May be protonated at oxygen to give CpCo(CSMe40H)E9. T~CO O 1~::5°-CO Co-co I'CO Markby, R. et ai, Chem. Ind. F. et ai, J. Am. Chem. N. et ai, J. Organomet. E. et ai, J. Organomet. S. et aI, J. Organomet. , 1977, 127,93. 112 Catalyses cyclotrimerisation of cyclooctyne. Air-sensitive red-brown waxy cryst. (pentane). Mp 36-8 0 • ir Peo 2086m, 2045s, 2024vs, 20 lOs cm- I (thin film). A. et ai, /norg. , 1978,17, 1995 (synth, ir, ms, nmr) Petersen, H.

Amide, hexafluorophosphate: [60293-76-7]. (Aminocarbonyl)cobaltocenium hexafluorophosphate. [(Aminocarbonyl) -11' -cyc/opentadienyl]-1I'-cyc/opentadienylcobalt hexafluorophosphate. 111 Cryst. 149 (ion) Iodide: [32824-43-4]. 054 Deep-red cryst. (MeOH/Et20). Mp 100° dec. Hexafluorophosphate: [32825-27-7]. 113 Cryst. (Me2CO/Et20). Mp 180° dec. 381 Cryst. (Me2CO/Et20). Mp 160°. E. et ai, Chem. , 1970,103,2016 (synth, ir, pmr) CIIH13CO Co-00087 [(1,2,3,4-'7)-1,3-CyclohexadieneJ("s-2,4-cyclopentadien-l-yl)cobalt, 9CI Cyc/opentadienyl(I,3-cyclohexadiene)cobalt.

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