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By Andreas Röthig

While the determinants of enterprises’ optimum hedging innovations at the micro point are good understood, there's hardly ever any literature facing macroeconomic outcomes of microeconomic threat administration. This publication is worried with the impression of various hedging regulations on macroeconomic balance. It addresses this factor via applying theoretical in addition to empirical tools.

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3, the hedge ratio h/x exceeds one if f˜1 − f0 is positive for all currencies investigated. , if e˜1 = f˜1 ). 3 Pure Hedging and Speculative Demand The role of expectations for the firm’s hedging strategy is very important. Suppose the firm expects f˜1 − f0 to be positive and therefore overhedges. , if e˜1 ≈ f˜1 ), since h > x. This overhedge can be regarded as speculation, since the firm does not minimize the existing spot risk, but takes on additional risk in the futures market. In this context, Hawtrey (1940, p.

99. 99. 99. 99. 99. Fig. 98. 08144143 R2 as well as the betas are close to one for all series, suggesting an “equal and opposite” hedging strategy to be optimal. The worst fit of the linear regression model in this investigation is the case of Mexico. This is the only case where one can see larger deviations of data points from the regression line in the scatterplot. 9833 and therefore very close to one. As already mentioned, the optimal pure hedge is a slight overhedge. The optimal futures position is therefore larger than the spot position.

4 concludes. 1 The Model The importer’s expected profit is identical to the expected profit in the previous chapter. However, the model framework used in this chapter is quite different to the one used before. In contrast to the expected utility approach in the previous chapter, here, mean-variance analysis is conducted. 1) which depends negatively on the random exchange rate e˜1 . In order to hedge the spot exposure, the importer can go long in currency futures markets, where c again represents hedging costs.

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