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By Professor Dr. Michael Steinhausen, George A. Tanner Ph. D. (auth.)

The floor of the kidney offers a different chance to review enjoyable­ damental methods within the dwelling animal. right here blood vessels and kidney tubules are obtainable to direct microscopic remark. this example has been used to clarify kidney services below general and pathological stipulations. a few observations on functionality within the intact kidney might be made during the microscope. we will be able to notice the circulate of blood within the renal microcirculation at the cortical floor. we will determine proximal and distal tubules, and degree their widths. we will stick with the movement of tubular fluid with using dyes. we will be able to watch fluid reabsorption in tubular segments remoted by means of oil droplets. With images, those observations may be recorded and quantitated. during this monograph, we are going to survey the tools and result of in vivo microscopy of the kidney cortex. we are going to examine the benefits and obstacles of those tools, and speak about their contributions to our knowing of kidney body structure. A common dialogue of kidney functionality could be present in Ref. [127]. The reader is additionally talked about a number of contemporary stories and books at the kidney [28, forty-one, forty three, sixty six, 72a, eighty four, ninety five, one hundred twenty, 128, 136, one hundred forty, 194, 203, 204, 210, 216].

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We and others [104, 158] have not found shunts between afferent and efferent arterioles in the outer cortex of the normal rat kidney. Peritubular capillary blood flow is of particular interest in renal physiology because tubular fluid reabsorption depends on the uptake of reabsorbate by the capillaries surrounding the tubules [23-25, 97, 217]. We can - 317- 44 M. Steinhausen and G. A. Tanner Fig. 11. Left: In vivo microphotograph of tubules and peri tubular capillaries on the kidney surface of a male rat weighing 300 grams.

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