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Life in the Glory of Its Radiating Manifestations: 25th Anniversary Publication Book I

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Instability Constants of Complex Compounds

Lately many learn staff have became their awareness to the quantitative characterization of advanced compounds and reactions of complex-formation in answer. Instability constants represent quantitatively the equili­ bria in recommendations of advanced compounds and are widely utilized by chemists of widely-varying specialities, in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, the know-how of non-ferrous and infrequent metals, and so forth.

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During the following 24h, a marked proliferation of microglia (more than 5 times higher than those in 24-h slices) was observed in normothermic (37°C) animals. At 72h after compression a large number of the proliferated microglia were still seen in normothermic animals, but no increase was observed in hypothermic animals. In slices from normothermic animals at 48 and 72 h after injury, most of the proliferated microglia were positive to OX-42 staining (data not shown), which recog- 50 T. Ogata et al.

Henker RA, Brown SD, Marion DW (1998) Comparisons of brain temperature with bladder and rectal temperature in adults with severe head injury. Neurosurg 42:1071-1075 36. Ishige N, Pitts LH, Berry I, Carlson SG, Nishimura MC, Moseley ME, Weinstein PR (1987) The effect of hypoxia on traumatic head injury in rats: Alterations in neurologic function, brain edema, and cerebral blood flow. J Cereb Blood Flow Metabol 7:759-767 37. Jiang JY, Lyeth BG, Kapasi MZ, Jenkins LW, Povlishock JT (1992) Moderate hypothermia reduces blood-brain barrier disruption following traumatic brain injury in the rat.

Science 212:668-670 13. Ohtsu T, Kondo N (1996) Effects of various hormones on the expression of hibernationspecific proteins in hepatocyte primary cultures from chipmunks. Jpn J PhysioI46(suppl):SI17 14. Pengelley ET, Asmundson SJ (1974) Circannual rhythmicity in hibernating mammals. In: Pengelley ET (ed) Circannual clock: annual biological rhythms. Academic, San Francisco, pp 95-160 15. Sekijima T, Kondo N (1998) Transport of hibernation-specific proteins (HP) in the brain of chipmunks. Jpn J PhysioI48(suppl):S675 16.

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