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This thesis information the numerous development made in bettering the functionality of natural transistors and the community conductivity of carbon nanotubes. the 1st part investigates natural semiconductor nucleation and development at the most typical dielectric floor used to manufacture natural skinny movie transistors. The nucleation and progress of the semiconductor was firm to be a severe issue affecting the equipment functionality. first-class dielectric amendment layers, which advertise fascinating semiconductor progress resulting in excessive conductivity have been pointed out, and a technologically correct deposition method used to be built to manufacture prime quality dielectric amendment layers over huge components. this can symbolize an incredible step in the direction of the belief of enormous sector natural circuity. within the ultimate part, classes realized from learning natural semiconductor nucleation and development have been applied to enhance the conductivity of carbon nanotube networks. Selective nucleation of fabrics on the junctions among nanotubes within the community considerably lowered the network's sheet resistance. The ensuing networks should be promising applicants for obvious electrodes with various optoelectronic applications.

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In order to test for the contribution of contact and channel resistances, several pentacene OTFTs with different channel lengths were tested and contact resistance was extracted. 0%) for TFTs fabricated on different OTS monolayers and were much smaller than the channel resistances indicating that indeed the channel effects dictate performance. (Fig. 5). 4 Organic Semiconductor Thin Film Analysis: Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction and Atomic Force Microscopy In order to determine the effect of OTS monolayer density on organic semiconductor nucleation and growth at the semiconductor/dielectric interface, pentacene thin films (nominally 3 nm monitored by quartz microbalance during deposition) were deposited onto the OTS films under identical conditions as those used for OTFT fabrication.

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