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7). 3a). This means that these functions have the same general form for all randomly jointed chains, but differ in breadth, according to the value of b. 3a)) and hence to increase the breadth of the distribution, and vice versa. 5. e. when the two ends of the chain are coincident, must not be taken to imply that the most probable distance between the ends of a chain is zero. For the calculation of the probability of any given value of the end-to-end distance r the restriction to a particular direction in space implied by the preceding analysis is inappropriate, and it becomes necessary to take account of all directions equally.

2, yielded the results shown in Fig. 7. It is seen that FIG. 8. Slope T(d//dT)x and intercept of force-temperature relation at constant extension ratio. ) 34 INTERNAL ENERGY AND ENTROPY for extensions exceeding 100 per cent the dominant component of the force is the entropy component — T(dS/dl)T-, but that there is in addition a significant internal energy contribution. As the extension is decreased this internal energy term becomes relatively more important, and in the region of small extensions (0-10 per cent) it is the major factor in the situation.

There is considerable evidence that chain-folded lamellae also form the basic structural entities in polymers crystallized from the melt (Geil 1963). A lamellar type of crystallization has also been identified in rubber by Andrews and co-workers (Andrews, Owen, and Singh 1971). , and the conditions of crystallization. 8. Crystallization in the stretched state The general features of the crystallization process which are found in raw rubber occur also, with certain modifications, in the vulcanized material.

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