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Through sexual violence against women, men from one community ‘prove’ their masculinity and sexual superiority over their enemies. While sexual violence in war has received more attention in recent years than in the past (for instance, in relation to the war in Bosnia) and rape is now designated a war crime, the humiliation and abuse of women remain integral to the nature and conduct of war. In my next chapter I shall argue that understanding the connection between gender and war is vital to the liberation of human beings from the pernicious effects of both.

I am not arguing that war can achieve nothing positive. I am arguing that it is an unpredictable, high-risk strategy, whose certain bad effects are incalculable and whose capacity for delivering ‘positive peace’ is, in the local view, poor, and in the global sense nil. Even ‘negative peace’ is unlikely to be reached through the violation of the security of others. Wars revive and entrench old enmities. Their half-life endures for generations. It is hard to imagine that the wars in the Balkans have made future wars there less likely.

Support for the continuing nonviolent movement in Kosovo. • Dialogue between the nonviolent movement in Kosovo and the opposition movement in Serbia. Francis 01 intro 35 29/3/04 10:47:18 am 36 Rethinking War and Peace • Facilitation of inter-ethnic dialogue at the grass-roots level and among middle-level leaders. • Economic and political incentives for all parties to reach a settlement. • Respect and encouragement for Russia’s potential intermediary role in persuading the Serb President to introduce reforms, rein in his police and allow the monitoring of human rights.

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