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By Anahit S. Avetisyan

The direction is in textbook shape and is meant for audio system and communicators of English who desire to study the trendy spoken type of the japanese Armenian language. it truly is compatible for any English conversing language scholars, grownup novices and Diaspora Armenians starting from the newbie to intermediate point. This path adopts a completely new method of studying Armenian which has been constructed over decades via educating the Armenian language to quite a lot of scholars together with international diplomats, businessmen and Diaspora Armenians. The textbook makes use of the shape Armenian / Armenian transliteration / English translation in its constitution and as such is the single one in every of its variety. The direction is established into 28 classes each one with its personal subject or subject which teaches communique and knowing of wishes, details, strategies and emotions of lifestyle. every one lesson contains a mixture of examining, writing and talking actions and comprises causes for proper pronunciation of the Armenian alphabet in addition to particular grammar notes. This compilation of all aspects of the japanese Armenian language allows finished studying and permits a scholar of any point to make overall use of the textbook.

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Ujjyy, fyifj^. tl

B p b l j uiplinin £tp: Yerek' arevot' cher. It wasn 7 sunny yesterday. Rpdiu g m p u i i t : Hima tsurt' che. It is not cold now. 3mGilujptiG 2turn g n t p i n t p : Hunvarin shat' tsurt' er. It was very cold in January. O q n u u i n u p G bpUuiGmd 2wui 2nq t p : Ogost'osin Yerevanum shat' shok er. Il was very hot in Yerevan in August. 3|idiu duijpuG t : bpUuiGmd p w d n u i t m uiGdpU. Yerevanum kamot' e u andzrev e galis. It is May now. It is windy in Yerevan and it rains. Exercise I: Write the given nouns in the possessive case.

Ujq qpLuduuajLuCiujQnLd ibnq liu/: Avd dramap'anak'um pogh k'a? _ hiujbpbGfi qfipp t: hayereni girk c. hbniufunup 2win ^hG t : her'akhosp shat' hin e. fid qppbpG bG: im gprkem en. 6bp U|UJjnLUUiGGb0pG bG: dzer payusak'nern en? pwmupiuGp iuGqibpb"G t: _ bar'aranp angleren e? gnipp 2UJU1 Ijbquinm t: dgurp shat' k'ckht'ot' e. fTil diuupG qprnh: Ov masin git'i? ctuidiuGwlj n^ ng duiuhG jqfiinbp: zhamanak' voch vok masin chpgit'cr. ujiuhpG uiGhpiudb^in p'ahin anhprazhesht' che. Proverbs of the = Is there any money in that purse?

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