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The phase diagram for the system is shown in Fig. 12. In general, crystallization of Hgl-,Mn,Se is similar to that of the Hgl-,Mn,Te system. Again, it is convenient to use the vertical Bridgman method. Since the working temperature does not exceed 9OO”C, thick-walled silica tubes may be used. After crystallization, several large monocrystalline grains are usually obtained, much as for Hgl-,MnxTe. (i) Hgl-,MnxS We know very little about this system. HgS itself occurs in two phases: the cinnabar (a-HgS) and zinc blende (P-HgS) structures.

The concentration-independent feature Mn2+ is associated with the leading edge of the Mn 6A1(6S)+ 4T,(4G) absorption band. (b) Cdl-,Mn,Se The results of powder and single crystal measurements (diffuse reflectance and optical transmission, respectively) by Wiedemeyer and Sigai (1970) gave the first indications of a linear increase in Eg with x in Cdl-,Mn,Se. Optical absorption work by Antoszewski and Kierzek-Pecold (1980) on single crystal samples over a limited range of Mn concentration showed the dichroic effects expected for the wurtzite structure.

C) Cdl-,Mn,S Single crystal growth of this important system is at a much more preliminary stage than that of the preceding two alloys. The phase diagram of CdS-MnS solid solutions was determined by Cook (1968) and Wiedemeier and Khan (1968). 5 K-bar. The pellets were sealed under high vacuum in quartz tubes, and annealed for approximately 100 hours at each of the following temperatures: 1000", 800°, 700°, and 600°C. The tubes were then taken out of the furnace, and the samples quenched in air.

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