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Class 5: Short wrathful deity. L T f n ~ ~~ 22 ~~ 48 T VV ________ - 12 1\ 1\ 08 --------- Class 2: Standing Bodhisattva. 54 54 I I:: I T I n I 12 I I T I 12 I f 12 8 I T 8 1: I 12 \\ 1-12 -1-12 -+ 6 i-12 -1-12 -1-6 i-12 -i-12 I -I ------84-----Class 5: Short wrathful deity. -'4-1-12 -1- 12 -1 1-12-1-12 -1-14 -1-10-1-10-1-14-1-12-1-12-1 ------96 ----96 Class 6: Humans (96 measure). Class 6: Humans (84 measure). Grids drawn to illustrate the theoretical proportions (heights and armspans) of the main classes of sacred figures.

1 3 THE MAIN PROPORTIONAL CLASSES ,51 2) Peaceful Bodhisattvas The main members of the second class were bodhisattvas who possessed peaceful appearances, such as Manjusrl and AvalokiteSvara. The porportions of this class were exactly the same as those of the Nirm~akaya Buddhas, except that ~ sor was subtracted from each large unit of measure. The total height and arm span of such figures was thus 10 large measures of 12 sor each, or 120 sor. i, and other figures belonging to the angry Yak~a (gnod sbyin) or Yama class.

In addition, Buddhist 50 In the first three classes the height of the figure equals the arm span, and the measure of the upper half of the body equals that of the lower half. But in the case of the wrathful figures and humans such balanced proportions are not present to the same extent. Some other iconographical systems had more "major classes," due to the subdividing of the above classes and the addition of a few rare types. However, except for a few minor additions or differences, the iconometric system of our Central Tibetan informants was as outlined above.

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