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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of clinical and Technical Terms, 6th version, every one identify offers hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a selected self-discipline. All comprise:

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A¨rkиe¯иə sə darиə de¯ } Archaeocopida [PALEON] An order of Cambrian crustaceans in the subclass Ostracoda characterized by only slight calcification of the carapace. { a¨rkиe¯иə ka¨pиəиdə } Archaeopteridales [PALEOBOT] An order of Upper Devonian sporebearing plants in the class Polypodiopsida characterized by woody trunks and simple leaves. { a¨rkиe¯ a¨pи tə rı¯dиəиle¯z } Archaeopteris [PALEOBOT] A genus of fossil plants in the order Archaeopteridales; used sometimes as an index fossil of the Upper Devonian.

Bar bi rı¯t } barchan [GEOL] A crescent-shaped dune or drift of windblown sand or snow, the arms of which point downwind; formed by winds of almost constant direction and of moderate speeds. Also known as barchane; barkhan; crescentic dune. { ba¨r ka¨n } barchane See barchan. { ba¨r ka¨n } bar finger sand [GEOL] An elongated lenticular sand body that lies beneath a distributory in a birdfoot delta. { ba¨r ¦fiŋиgər sand } baring See overburden. 5; used in paints and drilling muds and as a source of barium chemicals; the principal ore of barium.

Aиpə tho˙r nithиə de¯ } apatite [MINERAL] A group of phosphate minerals that includes 10 mineral species and has the general formula X5(YO4)3Z, where X is usually Ca2+ or Pb3+, Y is P5+ or As5+, and Z is FϪ, ClϪ, or OHϪ. { apиə tı¯t } Apatosaurus [PALEON] A herbivorous sauropod dinosaur, approximately 70 feet (21 meters) long and weighing 30 tons, from the Jurassic Period that had much longer hindlimbs than forelimbs. Also known as Brontosaurus. { ə padиə so˙rиəs } apex [GEOL] The part of a mineral vein nearest the surface of the earth.

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