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By Jean St-Pierre (auth.), Stephen J. Paddison, Keith S. Promislow (eds.)

Device and fabrics Modeling in PEM gasoline Cells is a really expert textual content that compiles the mathematical info and result of either gadget and fabrics modeling in one quantity. Proton trade membrane (PEM) gas cells will most likely influence our lifestyle just like the built-in circuit. the aptitude functions diversity from the micron scale to massive scale business construction. winning integration of PEM gasoline cells into the mass marketplace would require new fabrics and a deeper knowing of the stability required to keep up a variety of operational states. This ebook includes articles from scientists who give a contribution to gasoline telephone versions from either the fabrics and machine views. issues corresponding to catalyst layer functionality and operation, reactor dynamics, macroscopic shipping, and analytical types are lined below gadget modeling. fabrics modeling comprise topics when it comes to the membrane and the catalyst reminiscent of proton conduction, atomistic structural modeling, quantum molecular dynamics, and molecular-level modeling of the anode and cathode electrocatalysts.

Device and fabrics Modeling in PEM gasoline Cells is perfect for execs and researchers operating with gas cells, in addition to electric engineers and graduate scholars appearing computational fabrics learn, utilized arithmetic, and molecular physics.

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