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3 The high-gain antenna on the Galileo spacecraft failed to open, so we received only a tiny fraction of the anticipated imaging data originally expected. If it had opened properly, we would have the entire surface with this resolution and favorable lighting. The original picture budget is discussed in Chapter 3, along with a description of the spacecraft's road trips across America, which may have contributed to the mechanical failure of the antenna mechanism. The high-gain antenna failure and the consequent limited amount of image coverage is discussed in Chapter 12.

11 and visible to the upper left in 28 Touring the surface [Ch. 13. Chaotic terrain is most likely due to melt-through from below, but the explanation suggested here is interesting. In any case, the appearance of chaotic terrain strongly suggests areas of exposure of the liquid water that is ordinarily below the ice. com. All Rights Reserved. 13). Wherever it occurs, each of these dominant processes wipes out what was on the surface before. This resurfacing is rapid and recent. Each appears to involve the interaction of the liquid ocean with the surface.

The four largest moons of Jupiter were discovered by Galileo almost 70 years after the death of Copernicus, and almost 400 years before the Galileo spacecraft imaged those same satellites. Galileo named these bodies in honor of his funding agency, the Medici family, but that was not enough to keep him out of trouble with the Church. If these bodies were not part of Copernicus's model of planetary motion, how could the observations support the model? According to Galileo's 17th-century 36 Politics and intellect: Converting images into ideas and knowledge [Ch.

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