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By Henricus Cornelius Agrippa, Albert Rabil Jr.

Originally released in 1529, the Declamation at the Preeminence and the Aristocracy of the feminine Sex argues that girls are greater than equivalent to males in all issues that truly subject, together with the general public spheres from which they'd lengthy been excluded.

Rather than without delay refuting triumphing knowledge, Agrippa makes use of women's superiority as a rhetorical gadget and overturns the misogynistic interpretations of the feminine physique in Greek medication, within the Bible, in Roman and canon legislation, in theology and ethical philosophy, and in politics. He raised the query of why girls have been excluded and supplied solutions dependent no longer on intercourse yet on social conditioning, schooling, and the prejudices in their extra robust oppressors. His declamation, disseminated during the printing press, illustrated the ability of that new medium, quickly for use to generate a bigger reformation of religion.

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Indeed, women have been the inventors of all the liberal arts. Isis and Nicostrata have given us the alphabet and writing, Minerva (Athena) numbers, as well as wool- and ironmaking. The very continents have been named for women. Women have made significant contributions to religion as priestesses and prophets, to magic and philosophy, to oratory and poetry. ) who watched her seven sons martyred for their fidelity to the jewish law and then followed them into martyrdom. More recent history attests the important role of women in the conversion of Europe to Christianity.

On the one hand he believed in the power of the occult to gain control over the universe, on the other he was skeptical of knowing anything at all. How do we reconcile-or do we-these two sides of his personality? The presence of the apparently contradictory elements of magic and skepticism in the thought of the same man was disturbing to many in Agrippa's own time. 21 In an apology written to protect the book from attacks of the Louvain theologians, Agrippa said that he "was only declaiming," that much of what he had said had been in jest.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Janet, who read the translation in two different recensions for its rendering of the English language, of which she is an attentive student; and for her assistance in many forms that makes my work possible. Westbury,New York June 23, 1995 NOTE M y translation ON THE TEXT is based on the recent critical edition French scholars: Henri Corneille by a group of Agrippa, De nobilitateet praecellentia foemineisexus:Editioncritiqued'apresIetexted'Anvers 1529, edited by R.

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