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By Dr. T. N. Chase, M. M. Mouradian, G. Fabbrini, J. L. Juncos (auth.), Dr. J. A. Obeso, Dr. R. Horowski, Prof. Dr. C. D. Marsden (eds.)

At this assembly, a couple of severe teams proven and prolonged the unique findings by way of J.A. Obeso and his colleagues. those authors came across that non-stop s.c. infusion of lisuride, a watersoluble dopaminergic eight- -aminoergoline with dopaminergic houses which are injected or infused, can enhance - occasionally fairly significantly - motor functionality in critically disabled fluctuating Parkinsonian sufferers. The concurrent use of the peripheral dopamine antagonist domperidone attenuates or prevents unintended effects on the topic of the stimulation of "peripheral" dopamine receptors, together with the chemoreceptor set off sector and a few parts of the hypothalamus open air the blood-brain barrier. The scientific effects mentioned during this quantity would possibly not in simple terms be a foundation for extra advancements in our wisdom and healing recommendations in Parkinsonism, they element to the up to now missed value of alternative methods of stimulating neurological or different platforms, e.g. discontinous, oscillatory results brought on by widespread oral software vs. non-stop stimulation as defined right here with the lisuride s.c. infusion. related recommendations need to be mentioned and investigated in neurological problems. during this recognize, this multidisciplinary assembly and its booklet may well provide new principles and ideas for remedy quite often, as well as its power program within the remedy of the issues of Parkinson's disease.

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S. N. L. J. M. 052t 1,025 ±495 337 ± 163 362 ±219 T-test (P) t1 t2 t1 t3 Mobile hrs. g. 1 mg/d. For psychiatric side-effects dose reduction was nearly always necessary, the first reduction within 3-10 days after initiation of therapy, and even 40 S. Bittkau and H. Przuntek ~ L-Dopa (mg/day) 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 pre 12 weeks 6 weeks (line = full-range, box = 68 % range) Fig. I. c. Lisuride infusion (%of daytime) ~ 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 pre 12 weeks 6 weeks (median with full-range (line) and 68 % -range (box)) Fig.

On histologic examination there was unspecific inflammatory reaction and no proof of a specific allergic reaction. Nausea could be observed at initiation of therapy in nearly all patients, but tolerance developed rapidly within 48-72 hours, for that time we recommend 3-4 - x 30 mg/d of Domperidone. -injections. Starting with small doses and slow dose adaptation helps to reduce that sort of complications. Angina pectoris could be observed in one patient and returned after repeated exposition to Lisuride.

Neurology 36 [Suppl 1]: 216 Quinn NP (1984) Anti-parkinsonian drugs today. Drugs 28: 236-262 Quinn NP, Parkes JD, Marsden CD (1984) Control of "on-off' phenomenon by continuous intravenous infusion of levodopa. Neurology 34: 1131-1136 Vaamonde J, Obeso JA, Luqin MR etal (1987) Increased levodopa consumption reduces motor response to apomorphine in Parkinson disease. Neurology 37 [Suppl 1]: 266 Authors' address: Dr. J. A. Obeso, Clinica Universitaria, Apartado 192, E-31080 Pamplona, Spain. J Neural Transm (1988) [Suppl] 27: 27-33 © by Springer-Verlag 1988 Subcutaneous lisuride infusion in Parkinson's disease: clinical results using different modes of administration F.

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