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By E. Kiral, A.Cemal Eringen

This monograph bargains the 1st finished remedy of the fabric homes of non-linear electromagnetic elastic crystals via constitutive equations. The lists and tables given during this quantity are necessary to the dialogue of fabric homes of magnetic crystal periods and for learn within the nonlinear electro-magnetic concept of elastic solids. Nonlinear optics, nonlinear magnetism, elastic solids topic to giant fields, plasma physics are yet a couple of components the place one wishes nonlinear constitutive equations of their ultimate types. the tactic and fabrics supplied the following could be beneficial, as a result, to fabric scientists, engineers, and physicists operating in those fields. a number of examples of functions to illustrate using the speculation are integrated. the consequences were validated through laptop.

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The independent components Z l ' " ' ' zp form a carrier space for'the representation r. 15). These matrices describe the manner in which the independent components Zl"'" zp transform under an element Ma of {M}. The representation r = {T(M l ), ... 18) may be decomposed into the direet sum of irreducible representations rl' ... , rr of {M}, and this has been done in the previous section. Thus, we may determine a matrix Q such that QT(Ma)Q-l = nlD(l)(Ma) + ... 6). 18). 20) describe the transformation properties of Qz, such that Q z = V(l) 1 + ...

Matriees for the symmetry operations are: o c~n 1 o o 1 o o -1 o o o 1 1 o o R, 0) 0, -1 -1 o o o ~ (~ D2 = o -1 (-1 0 1 o o o o -1 1 o 0 o 1 o o 1 o o o S2 ( -1/2 = ~/2 ~), -1 ~), ~), -yG/2 0) -1/2 o 0, 1 where I is the identityand e is the central inversion. Rl' R 2 , R 3 are refleetions in the planes whose normals are along the Xl = X-, X 2 = y-, and X 3 = zdirections, respeetively. D l , D 2 , D 3 are rotations through n radians about the X l -, X 2 -, and x 3 -axes, respeetively. Tl is a refleetion through a plane whieh biseets the X 2 - and X 3 -axes and eontains the Xl -axis.

36) Since the irreducible representations of 21m are all one-dimensional, so are the basic quantities. 36) indicates that there are two basic quantities associated with r 2 and one with r 3 , and there are no basic quantities forming carrier spaces of rl and r 4. 39) 50 4. Decomposition of Mechanieal and Electromagnetic Quantities from which we get ~P13l = 0, ~P23l = 0, ~~123l = 4M3 , hence we set Ugl = M 3 • Note that if(UI , U2 , ••• , Up) are the components of a basic quantity U, we could equaIly weIl take (aUl' aU2 , ••• , aUp ) to be the components of U where a is any constant.

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