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By Peter B. Gahan (auth.), Peter B. Gahan (eds.)

DNA and RNA fractions were remoted from quite a few resources together with: complete blood, serum, plasma, the skin of blood cells, urine, saliva and spinal fluid from either fit members and sufferers. the facility to isolate, quantify, and research those molecules has resulted in the identity of particular nucleic acid fragments concerning various medical issues thereby allowing their early prognosis and analysis. This quantity encompasses the complaints of the sixth foreign convention on circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum held from the ninth to the eleventh of November 2009 in Hong Kong. the subjects which are coated in those court cases contain: - Nucleic Acids in Oncology - Nucleic Acids in Foetal drugs - The Biology of CNAPS - New applied sciences for CNAPS - different scientific Exploitation of CNAPS

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Vector contamination, tags and duplicates were removed to leave a total of ~3,600 unique sequences on which various analyses were performed in an effort to characterize the obtained circulating DNA. Fortynine percent of the unique sequences were from cancer patients while the remaining 51% were from the control individuals. The majority (80%) of the obtained sequences was between 140 and 200 bp in length and no significant differences could be observed between the length distribution of the control and cancer patient groups (see Fig.

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