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The typical Intermediate Language (CIL) is the middle language of .NET. even supposing .NET builders frequently use a high-level language (such as C# or VB .NET) to enhance their platforms, they could use CIL to do something allowed by.NET specificationswhich isn't the case for C# and VB .NET. knowing how CIL works gives you a deep, language-independent perception into the center components of .NET. this information is key for developing dynamic kinds, a robust a part of the .NET Framework.In CIL Programming: less than the Hood of .NET, Jason Bock deals an in-depth instructional on programming in CIL. First, Bock discusses the fundamentals of .NET assemblies and manifests. He then exhibits the right way to create assemblies in .NETincluding the ilasm directives and CIL opcodes, and the way those are used to outline assemblies, sessions, box, equipment, and process definitions. Bock additionally covers the ways that C#, VB .NET, and different non-Microsoft languages emit CIL, and the way they vary. ultimately, he unearths how builders can create dynamic assemblies at runtime through the Emitter classes.After analyzing this advisor, you are going to achieve a greater realizing of CIL and the way to application at once into it. CIL Programming: less than the Hood of .NET is a must have on each .NET developer's table!

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You don't need to specify both a getter and a setter, but you must have at least one. The getter and setter methods must be marked with the specialname attribute, and they must be instance methods. NET programming with a higher-level language, creating properties may not be that big of a deal for you. But did you know that properties are not limited to just getters and setters? other directive to specify extended property behavior. field private int32 m_Age; // Assume the get/set methods still exist...

Ret is used to leave a method—you should always have at least one ret statement in a method. If the method needs to return a value, that value must be at the top of the stack. locals init ([0] int32 var1, [1] int32 var2) ldloc var1 code_label: stloc var2 ret } Figure 3-1 shows what is going on with the stack in this code snippet. Figure 3-1: ldloc and stloc behavior Since var1 and var2 are initialized to 0, this code doesn't do much other than waste processing cycles (you'll see in a moment how you can change the variables).

In both cases, these are well-known entry points that represent the starting points of the application. By convention, the entry point method is given a conventional name ("main"), and the compiler makes the necessary adjustments in the executable such that this method is the one that is called when the application starts. However, in ilasm you're not confined to one specific name for your entry point. entrypoint } } There are a couple of restrictions for an entry point method. It must be static, and it can only return an int32 or an unsigned int32 (or void if nothing will be returned).

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