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By Desmond Morris

The character of the cat is an interesting mix of affection, domesticity and energetic independence. you might imagine you recognize your cat as he purrs on your lap, yet stumble upon your puppy on the street on a dismal evening and also you may possibly imagine that Bagpuss suffers from a twin character. each pussycat puppy includes an inheritance of fantastic sensory capacities, vocal utterances, physique language and territorial monitors. by way of answering such questions as 'what does a cat sign with its ears? 'why does a cat rub up opposed to your leg?' and 'why does a cat swing its head backward and forward while watching its prey?', Desmond Morris decodes the personal global of the cat. Your cat is filled with surprises and our best zoologist is set to bare their secrets and techniques during this superbly repackaged variation of a far enjoyed bestseller.

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