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F. Jerry Lucia, operating in America’s major oil-rich nation, has produced a piece that is going after one of many holy grails of oil prospecting. One major aim in petroleum restoration is the outline of the 3-dimensional distribution of petrophysical houses at the interwell scale in carbonate reservoirs. Doing so may increase functionality predictions by way of fluid-flow computing device simulations. Lucia’s publication specializes in the development of geological, petrophysical, and geostatistical tools, describes the fundamental petrophysical homes, vital geology parameters, and rock materials from cores, and discusses their spatial distribution. A remaining bankruptcy bargains with reservoir versions as an enter into movement simulators.

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Geological/petrophysical classification of carbonate interparticle pore space based on size and sorting of grains and crystals. The volume of interparticle pore space is important because it relates to pore-size distribution The relationship between displacement pressure and particle size (Fig. 5) is hyperbolic and suggests important particle-size boundaries at 100 and 20 microns. Lucia (1983) demonstrated that three permeability fields can be defined using particle-size boundaries of 100 and 20 microns, a relationship that appears to be limited to particle sizes less than 500 microns (Fig.

B Large crystalline dolograinstone. (c) Fine peloid medium crystalline grain-dominated dolopackstone with poikilotopic anhydrite (white). (d) Peloid medium crystalline grain-dominated dolopackstone with poikilotopic anhydrite (white). (e) Fine crystalline dolowackestone. (f) Medium crystalline dolowackestone. (g) Large crystalline dolowackestone. 4 Rock-Fabric/Petrophysical Relationships 45 Fig. 12. Porosity-air permeability cross plots of nonvuggy dolostone fabrics compared with the three permeability fields illustrated in Fig.

11 E-H). The cross-plot of interparticle-porosity and permeability (Fig. 12a) illustrates the principle that, in mud-dominated fabrics, permeability increases as dolomite crystal size, and resulting pore size, increases. Finely crystalline (average 15 microns) mud-dominated dolostones from Farmer and Taylor Link fields (Lucia and Kerans 1992) in the Permian Basin and from Choquette and Steiner (1985) plot within the <20 micron permeability field. Medium crystalline (average 50 microns) mud-dominated dolostones from the Dune field, Permian Basin (Bebout et al.

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