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X-ray data are from ROSAT, extracted from the HEASARC archive at NASA's Goddard Space Flight center. The UV image is a combination of observations obtained by the GALEX satellite at wavelengths 1,500 and 2,300 AÊ, used courtesy of NASA. The optical images are reproduced courtesy of Greg Bothun. ) Sec. 1 Patterns in the mist 25 the preceding starburst. In a few cases, there is even evidence of dwarf galaxies being carved out of larger galaxies today, when bits of tidal debris from a string gravitational interaction become gravitationally bound.

As particularly championed by Conselice, the concentration C ˆ 5 log…r80 =r20 † where r80 and r20 are the radii enclosing 80% and 20% of the light in a radially averaged intensity pro®le. 30 Galaxies today [Ch. 6. Hubble type versus quantitative parameters. The bulge-to-disk luminosity ratio in blue light, as derived by F. Simiens and G. de Vaucouleurs (1987), versus numerical morphological type T. Error bars come from the scatter seen among members of each type. The curve is their approximate interpolating function, illustrating that the behavior is smooth and monotonic.

Our particular interest here, though, is in looking backwards. A value of q0 implies a history of cosmic expansion. The greater q0 , and therefore the cosmic mass density, the more rapidly gravity has been able to decelerate the expansion. This changes the age of the Universe we calculate for a particular Hubble constant today; the larger q0 is, the younger the Universe must be to match the present conditions. In an idealized relativistic Universe, the con®guration of particles without any peculiar motion of their own will keep the same shape, di€ering in linear size only by a scale factor R…t† depending on cosmic time.

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