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By Jonna Doolittle Hoppes

Recognized for prime the Tokyo Raid, America's first strike opposed to Japan in global conflict II, Jimmy Doolittle led a striking lifestyles as an American pilot. This firsthand account by way of his granddaughter unearths a unprecedented individual—a scientist with a doctorate in aeronautical engineering from MIT, an aviation pioneer who was once the 1st to fly around the usa in under 24 hours and the 1st to fly “blind" (using merely his plane's instruments), a barnstormer renowned for aerobatics, a well-liked racing pilot who gained each significant air race once or more, recipient of either the Congressional Medal of Honor and Presidential Medal of Freedom, a four-star common, and commander of either the eighth, twelfth and fifteenth Air Forces. This memoir presents insights into the private and non-private global of Jimmy Doolittle and his kinfolk and sheds gentle at the drives and motivation of 1 of America's so much influential and bold aviators.

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