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However, new legislation has been introduced regarding active packaging to check the compliance of a plastic food contact material with the existing EU regulations overall. The EU has adopted a general Directive governing food-contact materials, known as the 'Framework Directive' (Council Directive 89/109/EC), which sets out general safety requirements for all foodcontact materials. SpeciÀc migration tests shall be carried out using the food simulants and the test conditions speciÀed in the 30 7 Summary The applications for biocides in plastics are wide ranging from the necessary additions to protect the plastic article, to the added value products imparting an external hygienic effect.

13 refs. 92 Chinese BOPP FILM WITH ANTI-BACTERIAL PROPERTY The application of anti-bacterial material is getting wider and wider, especially after the outbreak of SARS last year. Apart from electronic appliances, the inÁuence of molecular assembly anti-bacterial technology has extended to Àlm as well. It is believed that the technology and its products will offer consumers more beneÀts. 38 HUNTINGDON MILLS UNVEILS HIGHPERFORMANCE ACTIVEWEAR FABRICS As part of the continuing development of fabrics that incorporate the latest advances in moisture management and odour control, Huntingdon Mills recently introduced two new fabrics to its growing SkinTech brand.

In addition to the improvements in PVC stability, there were also improvements in the retention of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties during thermal treatments and during exposure to UV light. 1 ref. 223-9 PROPERTIES OF ANTIMICROBIAL PLASTICS CONTAINING TRADITIONAL FOOD PRESERVATIVES Vartiainen J; Skytta E; Enqvist J; Ahvenainen R VTT Biotechnology & Food Research Traditional food preservatives, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate and sodium lactate, were incorporated into LDPE, poly(maleic acid-co-oleÀn), PS and PETP, aimed at producing antimicrobial packaging material for foodstuffs.

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