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Honey is a staple part of Tiv diets, and an Beeswax is an important soldingredient of their medicines. ering wax for repair of kitchen utensils. The Tiv are also aware of the importance of bees to the pollination of crops. n others in the elementary skills of making simple hives and harvesting the honey. Tiv hives are made from a gourd or an earthenware pot, which is waxed and sweetened with cow-dung to encourage the bees to settle. The Tiv do not apparently seek to locate their hives particularly good nectar sources, but do make efforts troy trees that produce particularly bitter nectar.

GORENZ Horticultural US Aid/Ghana Advisor Mission (This chapter combines two papers. In the first written in 1962, the author speculates on the beekeeping potential of three Ghana. W. 8, No. 4, 108-114 (1965)) A wild honeybee is indigenous to most parts of Ghana. The bees are most common in the North, and their nests are generally located in cavities in trees. The honey is much relished by the local inhabitants and any bee trees that are found are the bees, and chopped open to cut down, using fire to kill obtain it.

During this period that have enabled the bees to build up rapidly and store some surplus honey. A graph of the honey flows for the year is based on constant A hive observation of honey storage and new comb construction. will be placed on a scale for daily weight measurements to get a mOre quantitative graph for next year. Approximately 36 pounds (3 gallons) of honey were obtained from each of two hives in May and June, and 24 pounds (2 gallons) in October, for a total of 60 pounds per colony. D.

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