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He asked. "None. " "Ah . " "But there's a question about those two. " "You mean-" "Plants too. Looking quite like insects. Mobile. " The guide-an elderly naoli with a jewelry affectation: he wore a raw iris stone around his neck on a wood bead necklace-had shown him more. The Quick Ferns, for instance. Cute little, frilly, green things, lush and vibrant, swaying briskly under the slightest breath. They lined the forest floor, the shortest growth, a carpet beneath all else. As he watched, they grew, pushed up new plants, spread their feathery leaves-then grew brown, blackened, collapsed, gave off a puff of spores, and were gone.

Tried to make excuses. " He looked at Zenolan to see what effect the story was having. The big man seemed to believe it. "Go on," he said. "Then, when he was here, he tried to outwit the machines. " "When I found his secret, that he was harboring a boy -well, he overpowered me, smashed my head against the floor, knocked me out before I thought to use my Phaser contact. " Page 52 Banalog looked perplexed. "If it had been, the sweet-drugs would have worn off. " "Are you suggesting-" "No," Zenolan said, shaking his huge head.

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