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The one collector's consultant and finished old reference resource for old electrical waffle irons and the applying that made them. Profusely illustrated and with a courting and cost consultant directory over 1100 versions of waffle irons and grills made of 1900-1960

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The answer is that it means whatever you want it to mean. That is to say, it means nothing in particular. What politician would ever say that he was against it? 23 This statement is somewhat cynical. Who would ever say that he or she was against peace? In reality, it is not always easy to commence a dialogue. Certain conditions must first be met. For example, two enemies are not likely to engage in a dialogue. One party may refuse to begin a dialogue with a party that may wish to initiate one. Politicians, in certain instances, declare that they are opposed to a dialogue.

Concerning intrastate relations in the southern and eastern Mediterranean, there was civil war in Algeria. In many other Arab states political, social, and economic conditions may continue to worsen. Within Israel and the occupied territories, tensions between the Palestinians and Israelis threatened to lead to a serious crisis. These intrastate problems could have a negative impact on the general security situation in the Mediterranean. The NATO-Mediterranean dialogue, with its focus on the relations between states north and south of the Mediterranean, is thus involved with a situation in which a stable or cold peace prevails.

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