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By Dietrich O. Hummel

Instrumental, specifically spectrometric tools are established in analytical laboratories for identity and quantitative decision of complicated natural structures. the writer has proven this in past works for polymeric fabrics of all variety. during this e-book he describes the appliance of vibrational (FTIR, UV, Raman) and mass spectrometries and of alternative instrumental thoughts for id and constitution elucidation of plastics ingredients, e.g., antioxidants, stabilisers, plasticisers, pigments, rubber chemical substances. The cutting-edge is compressed in several tables and figures; those additionally permit the translation of spectra. in particular notable is a suite of the FTIR spectra of 780 chosen ingredients, including constructions and legends. This ebook is mainly worthwhile for the practitioner in plastics processing and creation in addition to plastics ingredients for the standard regulate of educts.

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1785 ca. 1650 895-885 ca. 3020 ca. 4 Characteristic absorption band combinations/partial spectra of aromats Vibrating group Assignment Range/cm"1 Intensity Remark AU aromats v(ring-H) combination vibration v(ring) v(ring) 3080-3010 2000-1700 w-m vw-w ca. 1600 1510-1470 w-sb w-sd 1150-1000 var Several peaksa Number and position depend on substitution Sometimes split0 Wavenumber depends on substituente Difficult to identify S Five adjacent H atoms 6(ring-H) Benzene derivatives (-substituted) monoY(ring-H)f Y(ring) 6(ring 1,2-diy(ring-H) 6(ring) 1,3-diy(ring-H) Y(ring) y(ring-H) 1,4-di1,2,3-tri1,2,4-tri1,3,5-tri1,2,3,4-tetra1,2,3,5-tetra1,2,4,5-tetra- 6(ring) y(ring-H) 6(ring) y(ring-H) 6(ring) y(ring-H) penta6(ring) a b c d e f 750±15 697±11 625-605 750±10 550-500 780110 690±15 815±20 780-760 745-705 885-870 830-800 865-810 730-675 810-800 585-565 850-840 580-505 ca.

690 ca. 1250 ca. 20 Continue Vibrating group R3C-Cl Range/cm"1 Intensity ca. 610 1240-1225 1160-1145 ca. 620 570-560 1100-1090 1080-1070 1060-1030 ca. 680 640-630 var var m sh 1255-1225 650-640 570-555 1085-1070 1030-1020 680-655 605-595 S-VS m m m-s m-vst m-s m-s numerous activated skeleton vibrations m- and p-substitution o-substitutionc o- and m-substitution p - substituted v(C-CI) 1250-1185 1190-1170 m-vs m-s dependent on chain length not always present v(C-I)d 600-590 505-500 vw-m C2H5I: 500 Assignment v(C-CCl) v(C-Cl) Ar-Cl 5(ring-H)/ v(ring-Cl) v(ring-Cl) C-Br aliphatic R-CH2-Br Ar-Br R-I aliphatic n-alkyl vCCBrcoCH2Br v(C-Br) 6(ring-H/ v(ring-Br) Remark S-VS w-m m-s S m m-s m-s m-s p - substitution0 m-substitutionc o-substitutionc o- and m-substitution p - substitution W-VW i-alkyl numerous activated skeleton vibrations 655-640 v(Ar-I) 465-430 m-vs sh w-s sh Ar-I a CF groups are vibrationally strongly coupled with neighbouring structures.

3450 ca. 11 Characteristic absorption band combinations/partial spectra of CHO-carbonyl compounds: aldehydes, carboxylic acids, carboxylates Vibrating group Assignment Range/cm"1 Intensity Remark 2xv(C=0) v(C-H) ca. 3430 2845-2820 2735-2720 1730-1720 ca. -unsat. unsatur. Aromatic-COOH Carboxylates aliphatic -CO2" aromatic -CO2" Assignment Range/cm" 1 Intensity vw sh 3370-3320 2845-2780 W 2755-2700 VW-W 1695-1680 V(C=O) VS 1640-1615 V(C=C) s sh 2865-2820 v(C-H) W 2760-2720 wsh 1705-1695 V(C=O) VS ca.

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