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This listing is an important resource in your work. 36 Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide Another code that you will come across in assembly language programming is Binary Coded Decimal, or BCD. The idea of BCD is to use binary numbers to represent each digit of a decimal number. Thus, the decimal number 469 is represented by: o 1 00 01 1 0 4 6 1 00 1 9 The 6502 has instructions that will allow it to perform arithmetic operations using either pure binary numbers or binary coded decimal numbers.

One of the most frequent calculations you will have is to convert a decimal number into its Hi-Byte, Lo-Byte form where each byte is written as a decimal number. ) this is expressed as: Dec ima l Number Binary rBY,e Binary Lo-Byte Dec imal Equiva lent I Decimal Equivalent An example using 53761 (one of those sound registers again): 53761 11010010 \ 210 00000001 I Binary Decimal 30 Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide Computationally this calculation is relatively simple: Divide the decimal number by 256.

Since there is such an intimate connection between the Atari system and the TV set , we shall begin this chapter with a description of how a TV operates , with the remainder of the chapter devoted to an in depth discussion of ANTIC and Atari graphics .

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