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By Bengt Thordeman

The conflict of Wisby, at which 1800 swiftly assembled peasants amassed in useless to protect their urban from the onslaught of Waldemar of Denmark, may be the main celebrated medieval conflict in Scandinavia and but, have been it now not for the mass graves of the defenders, it might be all yet unknown to Western scholars of medieval background. The peat bathroom within which the our bodies have been hurriedly buried after days within the sizzling sunlight preserved not just bones but additionally harnesses and accoutrements, leaving an important archaeological checklist for the interval. released initially in 1939, Bengt Thordemans paintings at the conflict, constructed from the millions of artefacts came across within the mass burial, has been pointed out in almost each bibliography at the matters of palms and armour and used as a key resource for the courting of medieval cash.

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