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By Blagoja K. Janevski

Over the previous few many years, angiography has devel­ cautious research of his angiographic findings and a oped tremendously and an in depth literature has very thorough description of vascular anatomy been released at the topic. within the previous couple of and its many versions. The huge scientific ma­ years, the variety of courses has diminished terial additionally permits him to point these circum­ as the purposes of this diagnostic procedure stances during which angiography could make an impor­ appear to have been nearly totally explored. tant contribution to prognosis. one of many purposes for which this assertion This monograph merits the eye of all who will not be real is angiography of the higher ex­ have an interest within the anatomy and pathology of the tremity. The medical curiosity for this box has nev­ arm and the hand, and is especially meant for er been as nice as for different components of the physique. radiodiagnosticians and surgeons. In Maastricht, Janevski used to be in a position to acquire an A. E. VAN VOORTHUISEN, M.D.

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Preganglionic axon s Synapse 4. Paravertebral sympathetic ganglion wcr White communicating ramus gcr Gray communicating ramus 5. Postganglionic axon 6. Peripheral nerve. ~~ VASCULAR TONUS AND PHARMACOANGIOGRAPHY pass through the gray communicating rami into the peripheral nerves of the brachial plexus and then down the arm to supply the skin and vessels of the upper extremity. In general each sympathetic trunk ganglion is connected with every spinal nerve on the same side through communicating rami; therefore a typical spinal nerve contains not only the somatic (motoric) efferent fibres and afferent (sensory) fibres, but also the autonomic efferent fibres.

This was confirmed by measuring the blood pressure in the opposite arm of ten patients before the administration of the drug, immediately afterwards and ten minutes later. In all instances the blood pressure remained unchanged. The drop in the systolic pressure of the injected arm, however, indicates the phase of maximum vasodilatation in the extremity. 5 and 2:5 minutes after the end of the administration of tolazoline. To find the minimal dose oftolazoline necessary for optimal visualization of the small digital vessels and for demonstration of the dilatation of the small arteries with different doses of tolazoline, an additional study of 40 extremities was carried out using intra-arterial injections of 10, 30,40 and 50 mg tolazoline.

Acta Neurol. Scandinavica, 51: 29-36, 1975. McBURNEY, R. , L. LEE and J. R. FEILD: Thrombosis and Aneurysm of the Brachial Artery Secondary to Brachial Arteriography. The Amer. Surgeon, 115-117, 1973. SIMMONS, C. , E. C. TSAO and J. R. THOMPSON: Angiographic approach to the difficult aortic arch: A new technique for transfemoral cerebral angiography in the aged. Am. J. Roentgenol. Radium Ther. Nuc!. , 119: 605-612,1973. SHINE, K. , D. O'KEEFE and J. W. HARTHORNE: Arteriovenous fistula after retrograde brachial catheterization.

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