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Old Israel at conflict 853-586 BC complicated and risky, in 922 BC, the dominion of historical Israel was once divided into Judah, within the South, and Israel, within the North. This booklet examines the politics, scuffling with, and results of Israel's battles in this interval. It explains Israel's complicated, usually bloody, international coverage, and gives a heritage of those historical conflicts. complete description

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In the same year, Egyptian inscriptions indicate that the Ethiopian king Piye sailed northward on the Nile, conquered Memphis, and extended his dominance into the Egyptian Delta. 745-727). 32)) The fighting 734-731: Campaigns down coast to Gaza; back-tracks to Tyre then across Galilee; withdraws to Sarrabanu in Babylon. "",; 43 "'" "",y "","'" " o"'Damascus MEDITERRANEAN SEA E t N I o o 100 miles IOOkm 44 Essential Histories • Ancient Israel at War 853-586 Be secured the trade routes into Philistia and Lebanon.

I took as booty 27,290 people who lived there. I gathered 50 chariots from them... I set my eunuch over them, and I imposed upon them the [same] tribute as the previous king [Le. 63 Thus, by the year 720, Sargon controlled the trade and commerce throughout Syria-Palestine. At this time, he also initiated a trade relationship with the Egyptian rulers in the Delta an9 established a policy of cooperation between Assyria and the 48 Essential Histories • Ancient Israel at War 853-586 Be Delta Egyptians (against the Ethiopians) that would last until the end of the Assyrian Empire.

After conquering Gaza, Sargon had to push his troops south to meet an advancing Ethiopian force at Raphia, just above the Wadi el-'Arish. Assyrian reliefs show Ethiopian soldiers, typically beardless and curly-haired, fighting against the Assyrians in various cities of southwest Syria-Palestine. The Assyrians defeated the Ethiopians, however, and Sargon claims to have plundered thousands of people and burned Raphia: "I razed, destroyed, and burned Raphia. " 62 With the coast secure, Sargon moved against Samaria.

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