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By Barbara Brown Taylor

“This is the main thoroughly appealing booklet in faith that i've got learn in a long time. mild, humbly crafted, lyrical, and deeply wise.” — Phyllis Tickle, writer of The nice Emergence

“Taylor, as philosopher and stylist, ranks with the simplest. . . . This publication isn't really a page-turner. It’s a page-lingerer. I wore out a highlighter marking passages i need to learn again.” — Dallas Morning News

Barbara Brown Taylor, acclaimed writer of Leaving Church, keeps her non secular trip in An Altar within the World. With the honesty of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and the religious intensity of Anne Lamott (Grace, Eventually), Taylor unearths the way to stumble upon the sacred as a normal a part of lifestyle.

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Some scholars understand “tehom” to be related to the Babylonian goddess Tiamat, a deity representing primeval oceanic chaos, whom the head god, Marduk, defeated in Enuma Elish, a major Babylonian myth that includes an account of creation. Christian interpreters have o en seen the “Spirit” of the Trinity later in this verse. 1). 3: The first of eight acts of creation through decree. Like a divine king God pronounces his will and it is accomplished. 4–5: These verses introduce two other themes crucial to this account: the goodness of creation and the idea that creation is accomplished through God’s separating, ordering, and naming elements of the universe.

Nevertheless, careful readers of the Bible realized in subsequent centuries that there were problems with this claim of authorship by Moses. 6). In addition, a few rabbis wondered how Moses would have wri en a narrative about his own death and burial (Deut 34). To be sure, interpreters who have made it an article of faith to affirm Moses’ authorship of the Pentateuch have found ways to explain these and other problems. These discussions, however, highlight ways that Genesis and other books of the Pentateuch do not seem to have been wri en originally in the voice of Moses.

9,11,12). 18–20: Animals are created a er the first human rather than before (cf. 24–25). 26–28. Yet the Lord God here contrasts with the all-powerful deity depicted in ch 1. The Lord God creates the animals in a comical, failed a empt to make a helper for the human that “corresponds to him” (NRSV: as his partner). 21–22). 23) featuring a wordplay on “man” (Heb “’ish”) and “woman” (“’ishshah”). 31. 24–25: Sex between a man and his wife is regarded here as reflecting the essence 14 | hebrew bible genesis 3 come one flesh.

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