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Вторая книга также посвящена «военной машине» - генеральному штабу, с помощью которого Наполеон и его незаменимый начальник штаба Маршал Бертье командовал и управлял огромной армией.

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For years Spain used to be below a dictatorship until eventually democracy was once recovered in 1978 below the shape of a constitutional monarchy. In 1986 it joined the eu Union and has skilled an fiscal and cultural renaissance. this present day, Spain has the 7th greatest economic climate on the planet. the second one variation of the historic Dictionary of Spain is an unrivalled reference consultant to Spanish historical past and politics from the center a while to the current.

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From Santa Claus (after the Dutch folklore saint Sinterklaas) and his sleigh (the pronunciation of the Dutch slee is nearly exact) to a dumbhead speaking poppycock, the contributions of the Dutch language to American English are indelibly embedded to a few of our such a lot vernacular phrases and expressions.

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English does it in children’s code-games. Make a bee stand for the syllable ‘be-’; combine it with a picture of a leaf; and lo and behold: ‘belief’. Sentences can be built on the same pattern. As an English example, imagine six little images: Easy, especially if you know a little English literature. But try going on with ‘that is the question’. No common image can stand for the sound of ‘that’, because there are no one-syllable nouns that begin with a voiced ‘th’. If you want to continue the game, you have to improvise.

Its wave-length (21 cm) gives a unit of distance, its frequency (1420 megaHertz, or 1420 million cycles per second) a unit of time. Using just the two on-off symbols of binary code, these units can spell out numbers of any size. Sagan < previous page page_26 next page > < previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 decided to specify the probe’s origin. Since our Sun has no special traits to mark it out from a billion others, Sagan focused on stellar rarities known as pulsars, super-dense stars that spin at astonishing rates, averaging about twice per second (with the fastest known pulsar spinning 625 times a second).

The oldest dates back to Sumer. The next, a millennium later, is a grammar of Sanskrit by Panini, written in the fifth century BC at the earliest, while western languages look < previous page page_37 next page > < previous page page_38 next page > Page 38 back to the work of a Greek grammarian, Dionysius Thrax, in the first century BC. It took tens of thousands of years of speaking and a couple of millennia of writing before anyone got around to looking at how we do what any two-yearold can do.

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