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By Cindy E. Morris, C. Nguyen-The, P.C. Nicot

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Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything

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People converse various languages, and constantly have. the traditional Greeks took no discover of something except it used to be acknowledged in Greek; the Romans made everybody converse Latin; and in India, humans discovered their neighbors' languages—as did many traditional Europeans in instances earlier (Christopher Columbus knew Italian, Portuguese, and Castilian Spanish in addition to the classical languages). yet at the present time, all of us use translation to deal with the range of languages. with out translation there will be no international information, now not a lot of a interpreting record in any topic in school, no fix manuals for automobiles or planes; we wouldn't also be capable of prepare flat-pack furniture.

Is Fish on your Ear? levels around the entire of human event, from international motion pictures to philosophy, to teach why translation is on the middle of what we do and who we're. between many different issues, David Bellos asks: What's the adaptation among translating unprepared common speech and translating Madame Bovary? How do you translate a shaggy dog story? What's the variation among a local tongue and a realized one? are you able to translate among any pair of languages, or merely among a few? What quite is going on while international leaders converse on the UN? Can machines ever change human translators, and if no longer, why?

But the largest query Bellos asks is that this: How can we ever rather comprehend that we've understood what anyone else says—in our personal language or in one other? impressive, witty, and written with nice joie de vivre, this ebook is all approximately how we understand other folks and indicates us how, finally, translation is one other identify for the human .

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