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By A. Sonnenberg, A. Sengupta, P. Bauerfeind (auth.), W. D. W. Rees MD, MRCP (eds.)

Over the earlier decade loads of examine task has happened on each side of the gastroduodenal epithelial interface, with the typical aim of elucidating the mechanisms of mucosal safeguard and the way those can be compromised in peptic ulcer disorder. a chief stimulus to such learn has been the conclusion that irregular acid secretion or its supply into the duodenum in over the top volume can't absolutely clarify ulcer pathogenesis within the majority of sufferers. One may perhaps envisage the tummy and proximal duodenum as being in a dynamic equilibrium, with competitive luminal elements, corresponding to acid and pepsin, being counteracted by way of protecting mucosal mechanisms. until eventually lately, the mechanisms inquisitive about mucosal safety were poorly outlined whereas the body structure and pathophysiology of acid and pepsin secretion have been elucidated. The influence that gastroduodenal mucosa used to be safe by means of a unmarried mechanism has ultimately been changed through a extra lifelike view, suggesting a couple of protecting zones performing in sequence. a few of these zones may perhaps act as first or moment line defences opposed to competitive elements whereas yes zones may perhaps particularly defend opposed to definite aggressors.

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G 350 e<= ec: . _. ~. /. / • 8 ~g, '~" '" C. 10 Twenty-four hour plasma gastrin concentration in healthy subjects (_, n = 16) and patients with a history of duodenal (0, n = 12) or gastric ulceration (x, n = 10). , n = 8). Reproduced from Aliment. Pharmacal. 25, with permission The analysis of data from studies of 24-hour intragastric acidity The analysis of data from 24-hour studies arouses considerable controversy and a degree of excitement whenever there is a meeting of investigators that use this technique.

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