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By Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann (eds.)

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The third finding of pH-dependence of L-Iactate transfer has to be considered from two aspects. 1 increases the H + -ion concentration and the concentration of non-ionic lactic acid by a factor of2. S in the total transport. Thus, the more probable explanation for pH -dependence is the existence of a H + - co - or OH - -countertransport. This type of coupled transport is reported by various authors for other systems (S, 14), where the discrimination between both is not yet possible. All three findings point to a rather complex carrier mediated transport system for L-Iactate in the sarcolemma of cardiac myocytes.

Basic Res Cardiol 76: 622 - 629 3. Maisch B, Trostel-Soeder R, Stechemesser E, Berg PA, Kochsiek K (1982): Diagnostic relevance ofhumoral and cell-mediated immune reactions in patients with acute viral myocarditis. Clin Exp Immuno148: 533 - 545 4. Maisch B, Eichstaedt H, Kochsiek K (1983): Immune reactions in infective endocarditis I. Clinical data and diagnostic relevance of antimyocardial antibodies. Am Heart J 106: 329- 337 5. Maisch B, Mayer E, Schubert U, Berg PA, Kochsiek K (1983): Immune reactions in infective endocarditis.

Of myocarditis (n. 10) Coxsackie B .. 15) •. ) G Mumpsorchitis ( n. 4 ) Cytomegalovorus (n. 20) healthy normals (n. 70) 8. • o • • j" no AMLA noAMLA t :l0 1: 20 1:40 1:80 1:160 1-320 AMLA - titre Fig. I. Cytolytic serum activity in viral perimyocarditis correlated with the titer or antimyolcmmal antibodies. Table 2. 13 incidence or blocking ractors present***) (%) 8 22 9 *) cardiocyte index or lymphocytotoxicity **) cardiocyte index or Iymphocytotoxicity blocking ractors ***) . d 075' C[ = haIr lire or cardiocytes in presence or pat.

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