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For example, it is possible that the r in pr tr krwas phonetically distinct from r in other environments in manner and place of articulation. alveolar elsewhere. However, even if we choose one of these alternatives~ we must still refer to the fact of devoicing when dealing with the contemporary assibiIized reflexes in USo and LSo. This feature thus stands out as the single characteristic for which there is direct evidence in the contemporary reflexes. 12. The assimilation of r in the clusters pr tr kr 43 Concerning the chronology of the assimilation of r, it seems to follow from the So reflexes of , in the clusters pr tr kr which arose from metathesis or jer-Ioss (see above) that the devoicing process was no longer productive at the time when these two processes were completed.

In the form USo en 'mouth', rta gen sg, initial emay be a hypercorrect spelling; there are spellings with prothetic w- in the texts (HEW). 1. Prothetic w: Examples include, for 0-: USo walsa 'alder', LSo wo/la, cf. P olszalolcha, Cz a/le; USo LSo worjech 'nut', ef. sy, cf. P ostry, Cz ostry; all formations with the CS prefixes and *ot~: USa wocakowac 'await', LSo wocakowas, cf. P oczekiwac, Cz ocekavati; USa LSo wotpad 'waste', P Cz odpad; for u-: USo wuhor 'eel', LSo wugor (with u < Q), cf. P w~gorz, Cz uhof; USo LSo wuzda 'bridle', er.

LSo saw 'seam', USo sow (with e> 0) < OSo ·S'bWb; LSo sluiabny ~servant' adj, USo sluiobny (with e> 0) < OSo *slui'bb·; LSo wucabny 'instructional', USo wucobny also 'apprentice' < OSo *wuc'bb-. The reason for this assumption is that a must be descended here directly from a backjer (see chapter 19). It is not possible to assume that a is derived here from e by the cbange e> a, since ihis change required the preceding consonant to be palatalized. At the time of the application of the change e> a, the coronal spirants si and the affricate c had already been depalatalized (see chapter 47).

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