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By V V Ezhela; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.; et al

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Translated and revised from the 1986 Russian variation.

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Phys. C76:613, 1997; DESY-97-158; HEPEX-9708016 Inclusive Measurement of Diffractive Deep–Inelastic e– p Scattering Eur. Phys. J. C1:97, 1998; DESY-97-164; HEPEX-9709004 Measurement of the Inclusive Dijet Cross Section in Photoproduction and Determination of an Effective Parton Distribution in the Photon Z. Phys. C76:213, 1997; DESY-97-095; HEPEX-9705018 Photoproduction of KO and A at HERA and a Comparison with Deep Inelastic Scattering Phys. Lett. 415 B:418, 1997; DESY-97-179; HEPEX-9709017 Low qz Jet Production at HERA and Virtual Photon Structure Eur.

107A:1867, 1994; CERN-PPE-94-158 Partial-Wave Analysis of the w no System at High Energies Phys. At. Nucl. 59:982, 1996. Yad. Phys. 59:1027, 1996; IFVE-95-93 Observation of a4(2040)b-Meson in the q no Decay Channel hfANCHESTER-95 p. 448; KEK-95-160 Study of the q To System in the p p Central Collision Reaction at 45o GeV/c Phys. At. Nucl. 60:386, 1997; Yad. Phys. 60:459, 1997; IFVE-96-39 ~~:~~r-ity Analysis of q r“ x“-System in T– p Charge Exchange Reaction at 100 GeV/c by Zemach ● Albuquerque 95 and Measurement of the v, Helicity Z.

Rev. 5 Ammar 96 Ammar 97 Ammar 98 Amroun 94 Amsler 94 Amsler 94B Amsler 94C Amsler 94D Amsler 94E Amsler 94F Amsler 94G Amsler 94H Amsler 941 Amsler 94J Amsler 95 Amsler 95B Amsler 95C Amsler 95D Amsler 95E Amsler 95F Amsler 95G IN FN-AE-97-27 A Sky Survey using Muons in the MACRO Detector IN FN-AE-97-20 Search for Nuclearites with the MACRO Detector at Gran Sasso IN FN-AE-97-28 The Search for Sidereal Anisotropy in the Underground Muon Intensity as Seen by MACRO IN FN-AE-97-26 Measurement of Underground Muon Energies using a TRD in MACRO IN FN-AE-97-24 Observation of Upgoing Charged Particles in MACRO Produced by High Energy Interactions of Muons Phys.

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