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By Orr Moshe Shalit

Written as a textbook, A First path in useful Analysis is an advent to easy sensible research and operator thought, with an emphasis on Hilbert house tools. the purpose of this e-book is to introduce the fundamental notions of useful research and operator thought with out requiring the coed to have taken a direction in degree thought as a prerequisite. it really is written and dependent the way in which a path will be designed, with an emphasis on readability and logical improvement along actual functions in research. The history required for a scholar taking this direction is minimum; simple linear algebra, calculus as much as Riemann integration, and a few acquaintance with topological and metric spaces.

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Inf a,b,c∈R π −π |x + a + b sin x + c cos x|2 dx. 1 −1 2 ex + a + bx + cx2 dx + π −π |ex + b + 2cx|2 dx . 5. Let H be a Hilbert space, M a closed subspace, and h ∈ H. Prove that inf { h − g : g ∈ M } = sup Re h, f : f ∈ M ⊥ , f ≤ 1 . We know that the infimum on the left-hand side is actually a minimum, and is attained at a unique point g ∈ M . What about the supremum on the right-hand side? 6. Let A be an m × n matrix over C and b ∈ Cm . 1. Suppose that m > n and that rank(A) = n. Typically, the equation Ax = b has no solution.

9. Prove that each one of the following two sets is dense in L2 [0, 1]. 1. The space of step functions functions span{χ[a,b] : a, b ∈ [0, 1]}. 2. The space of polynomials. 10. Let {Hn }n∈N be a family of Hilbert spaces. Define a new space ⊕n∈N Hn as follows: n∈N Hn = {(hn )∞ n=0 : hn ∈ Hn for all n ∈ N, ∞ hn n=0 2 Hn < ∞}. On ⊕n∈N Hn define an inner product ∞ (gn )∞ n=0 , (hn )n=0 = ∞ g n , hn Hn . n=0 Prove that this inner product is well-defined, and that ⊕n∈N Hn is a Hilbert space. The space ⊕n∈N Hn is called the direct sum of the Hilbert spaces {Hn }n∈N .

15. Let {un }∞ n=1 and {vn }n=1 be two orthonormal bases for 2 ℓ (N). For every n, we write un = (un (k))∞ k=0 and likewise for vn . Define a doubly indexed family of doubly indexed sequences {wm,n }∞ m,n=1 by wm,n (k, l) = um (k)vn (l). 1. Prove that um,n ∈ ℓ2 (N × N) for all m, n. 2 2. Prove that {wm,n }∞ m,n=1 is an orthonormal basis for ℓ (N × N). 16 (Tricky). Let {fn }∞ n=1 and {gn }n=1 be two orthonormal bases for L2 [0, 1] consisting of piecewise continuous functions. 2 1. Prove that {fn }∞ n=1 is an orthonormal basis for L [0, 1].

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