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By Lyndy Abraham

This dictionary records alchemical symbolism from the early centuries advert to the late-twentieth century, to be used through historians of literary tradition, philosophy, technology and the visible arts, and readers attracted to alchemy and hermeticism. every one access contains a definition of the logo, giving the literal (physical) and figurative (spiritual) meanings, an instance of the emblem utilized in alchemical writing, and a citation from a literary resource. There are fifty visible photographs of photo woodcuts, copperplate engravings and painted by hand logos, a few reproduced right here for the 1st time.

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Burckhardt wrote of the death or separation necessary for the coniunctio and rebirth to take place: ‘any given union presupposes an extinction of the earlier, still dif­ ferentiated state’ {Alchemy, 156). Psychologically, the act of devouring represents the death of the lower or earthly nature of man (symbolized by the image of beasts). The idea of death and rebirth occurs in all meta­ physical systems, but the imagery used by the alchemists is peculiarly their own. dew the beneficial, healing aspect of the *mercurial water which magically transforms the *black nigredo (the death and *putrefaction of the old form of the metal) into the *white albedo.

Dog and bitch dough dove 58 *philosophical sulphur (male, hot, dry) and *argent vive (female, cold, moist), which must be united at the first, primitive chemical wedding or *coniunctio in order to create the mercurial waters or aqua permanens.

This Reduction of clouds into raine is called by some Cauda Draconis, The Dragon’s Taile’ (zc, 72). See also ‘white fume’ in green lion. see solve etcoagula. a symbol for the blackness of the nigredo, during which stage the disso­ lution and putrefaction of the metal or matter for the Stone takes place. 11 Cock and hen see basilisk. E m b l e m * XXX. DejecrettsNature. Sol indiget luDa,ut gallus gallina. EPIGRAMMA O I lf XXX. in»eHg*ibumA»Ueft^. \,4»xihifnquetuumfrdfi»seg0 btnt -vkijUtu* PeJlul0,gdUm*gddMS ut exfitmur.

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