Anti piracy

aspenHow do I ensure the software is genuine?
If your AspenTech software is not sent directly from AspenTech as part of our media kit or downloaded directly from our support site on then the software you are using is likely pirated.

What do I do if I suspect piracy, but I am not sure?
If you suspect piracy we encourage you to contact us directly. We keep records of all our registered users and products and will beable to confirm your suspicions. You can also use this form to submit a suspected piracy anonymously.

What is the difference between piracy& unauthorized use?
Piracy involves circumventing the licensing mechanism to gain access to aprogram or software you do not have the rights to use. Unauthorized usagerelates to the over deploying of software. In the case of unauthorized use, thenumber of licenses in use exceeds the number of licenses owned, thereby leadingto non-compliance with the terms & conditions of the contract.

Why should I report piracy/unauthorized use?
Companies such as AspenTech invest time, money and resources into developing products. Accordingly, there is a cost and a value associated to the products we offer to the market. Piracy tends to have ripple effects across the industry eco-system. Moreover, using pirated copies increases security risks such as viruses and spyware.

Can I remain anonymous?
We appreciate all the information you can provide in order to correct the issue. Having a contact name does help us during our investigation and may be kept anonymous throughout the process. Should you prefer to remain anonymous to all parties then you may leave the ‘Name’ field on the form blank. AspenTech thanks you for bringing the matter to our attention.

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